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Air Greenland Airbus A330-200

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Air Greenland

Airbus A330-200

Discover the extraordinary story of the Aviationtag X Air Greenland Norsaq Edition – a piece of aviation history that transcends its role as an aircraft and embodies the essence of Greenlandic connection and adventure.

Norsaq, an Airbus A330-200 with the registration OY-GRN and MSN 230, was originally delivered to Sabena in 1998 before joining Air Greenland's fleet in 2002. Serving as a vital link between Greenland and Denmark for over two decades, Norsaq has not only transported passengers but has become a symbol of shared experiences and a conduit for countless adventures.

From charter trips to southern Europe to facilitating the participation of Greenlandic athletes in international events, Norsaq's legacy is rich with diverse journeys. It has even hosted live bands, witnessed weddings, and remained a cherished symbol of travel for generations in Greenland.

With 41,364 flying hours and 10,112 take-offs and landings, Norsaq found its final resting place on March 12, 2023, concluding a remarkable chapter. As part of its farewell journey to Arizona, Air Greenland orchestrated a special flight, making a unique loop over Nuuk, Greenland's capital, bidding a poignant goodbye.

Now, as an Aviationtag, Norsaq's story lives on. Own a piece of this aviation legacy – a keychain or luggage tag that transcends its utilitarian function, becoming a tangible connection to the remarkable journey of Norsaq.

Note: Every Aviationtag is unique. Depending on the plane, they differ in their feel, thickness of the material and color. Small bumps tell of the many years in the air and express the character of days gone by. Minor scratches, paint chips and bumps are completely normal and give the Aviationtag its special charm - that of a vintage product made from upcycled materials. These special features did not arise from the production process, but rather reflect the condition of the aircraft material used!

When used as a key ring or luggage tag, we recommend using the Aviationtag protective cover .
Schaal: n.a.
Afmetingen: zie deze pagina
Materiaal: voornamelijk metaal
Merk: Aviationtag Info
Nr: OY-GRN-Red

Op voorraad: 5+

Toegevoegd aan website: 2024-06-28

Onze prijs: € 35.70
≈ $ 39.02 excl. BTW
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